Speed Ring Stewards - Michael Niedermaier & Lance Righter

An equestrian person I was not, in fact, I always felt that although horses are beautiful creatures they were also big and scary.  Seven years ago, my perception changed and my love for the equestrian community grew.  My daughter, then 7 years old, told me she wanted to learn how to ride a horse.  I signed her up for lessons and her first official horse show was at CCWC in 2015 where she performed lead line speed.  Ever since that day WE were hooked.  I'm very supportive, admire her love for animals and aim to help her grow and succeed in the equestrian arena.  I am detailed oriented and very organized and look forward to serving as the Secretary for CCWC.

Speed Ring Announcer - Karen McClung

Treasurer - Heather Righter

Carroll County Western Circuit

​​2022 Board of Directors

I was very blessed to grow up on a horse farm in Howard County, MD.  Horses run in my family's blood.  As a result, I now own my own farm, Sunset Valley Farm, LLK, located in Union Bridge, MD.  I'm fortunate to raise my own children as well as teach other children/adults how to ride and love horses.  I have been on the CCWC BOD in the past and am happy to be returning for the 2022 show season.  I look forward to continuing to build a happy, safe atmosphere for families to come and enjoy showing their horses.

I started riding horses at age 10, my first horse was a high-spirited Arabian named Babes. Throughout the years I have participated in many different types of speed events, multiple parades, and enjoy trail riding. I am a Navy veteran and have lived in every corner of the United States until our family ended up here in Maryland.  I enjoy sharing the joy of horses and horse riding with my daughters and my husband. I have been a member of the CCWC for a couple years and have ridden in speed events with my paint, Jackie, and the ranch riding events with quarter horse, Red.  I am glad to be able to help and bring a fresh view as this years Pleasure Ring Secretary!

I have always had a love for horses. As a child, my father and I would go to our local stable to enjoy trail rides. These are very fond memories for he and I both. So, when my daughter decided she wanted to learn to ride, I was elated. We found a local farm for lessons and this began her love affair with caring and riding her own horse! This also gave me the opportunity to share in this experience with her. Not only loving horses, but having a strong business background, it was an easy decision for me to step up to help the 2022 CCWC board. We are looking forward to an amazing year of fun shows and making new memories!

Speed Ring Secretary - Valerie Miller

Vice President - Dina Sharpe

Pleasure Ring Secretary - Michelle Niedermaier


 President - Jessica Millard

Pleasure Ring Steward - Christina Loratto